TerraCycle recycling program


At the core of the Edible Beauty Australia ethos is creating skincare and wellness products that are better for your body – and the planet. From our recyclable packaging to our botanical natural ingredients, sustainability has always been important to us.

We are proud to partner with global recycling pioneers, TerraCycle, who collect and recycle almost any form of waste. Click here to find out more.


How to participate
Step 1 —
Step 1 —

Signing up for the TerraCycle recycling program

1. Join the program

Visit the program page to join. Once you've received your confirmation email, you're ready to start collecting your empty Edible Beauty packaging!


Step 2 —
Step 2 —

Collect your empty bottles

2. Collect your empties

We recommend collecting your waste in any cardboard box you already have or can obtain. Download this accepted waste poster and place it on your collection box for reference!


Step 3 —
Step 3 —

Ship off the accepted waste material

3. Ship for free

As an active collection team in the program, you will have access to download free shipping labels for this program. Download one from your account, affix it to your box and drop at your nearest Australia Post for free.


Accepted waste

Glass — if accepted by localcouncil, place in kerbside recycling.Otherwise send to TerraCycle.

Masks (including packaging)

Accepted Edible Beauty packaging

— Droppers, pumps and spray closures

— Plastic tubes and containers (including caps and lids)

— Sachets and tea refill pouches

— Masks (including packaging)


Cardboard packaging, clear and amber glass should be placed in kerbside recycling.

Note: Some Edible Beauty products are packaged in violet glass (miron glass); which some councils accept in kerbside recycling. Please check before including these in your collections for TerraCycle.